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    Study Spanish In Latin America

    Learn Spanish & Travel The old saying that goes like “the only way to really learn a language is to speak it” stands true even today. There is a great amount of wisdom that went behind the idea because learning a language is more than getting a grip over the rules of grammar. People who are able to fully immerse themselves in the culture and tradition of the people who speak the language are the ones who learn better than others,and many have turned to the Don Quijote Schools of Spanish Language Learning to do just that. For those who want to learn Spanish, nothing can be better than living…

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    Spanish For Business – A Quick Lesson

    We have previously mentioned the importance  of being able to speak Spanish in the world and particularly throughout the Americas from a business perspective. First of all, if you are attempting to do business in Spanish, do not attempt it without an interpreter present unless you are fluent. Do I Use A Formal or Informal Greeting? I have seen various blogs and articles about learning a new language that are critical about programs I have featured such as Pimsleur, Fluenz, Rosetta Stone and Living Language that teach Spanish in a fairly formal manner, i.e. addressing someone as Mister or Miss, using the formal word for “you” (usted) instead of the…