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Writing In Spanish

We have previously focused on speaking, but this article will point out some opportunities for you if you are capable of writing in Spanish. If you’re not yet at that point, we’ll show you where you can start to learn to write in Spanish.

There is a strong relationship between one’s capability to read and write, and it is assumed that if they are good at one, then they’ll also be good at the other. However, we can unanimously agree that listening to a foreign language is easier than speaking, and reading in a foreign language is much easier than writing. 

Why is it so? It’s because your brain is being forced to work differently in each context. In case of listening and reading, you are receiving information, which is a passive form of using the new language. However, when you speak or when you write, it involves actively expressing unique ideas.  spanish-writing

In a way, we can say that you are literally creating new information! Now, you might ask “what’s the point of learning a foreign language if my native language is enough for me to get by?” We’ll answer that question and much more in this article.

What’s the need to know a foreign language?

Today, just being able to speak in a foreign language is not enough to explore the plethora of opportunities that come with learning a new language. Take Spanish for example; the people of the US (who, until fairly recently are not exactly known for embracing bilingualism) are now studying it in large numbers.

Leaving aside the fact that the United States has a significant number of native Spanish speakers, this language is now obtaining greater importance in Europe. In many European countries, Spanish is the preferred foreign language after English.

In fact, it is estimated that there are over 400 million Spanish as a native language speakers in the world, making it the fourth most commonly spoken language. Spanish is the official language of over 20 countries on four continents and has historical significance in much of the world.

Besides, knowing Spanish will give you a head start in learning French and Italian, which are also Latin-based languages. Now, learning how to speak this language might open up new doors, but being able to read and write like a pro will expose you to entirely new opportunities altogether.

Why Do You Need To Learn How To Write A Foreign Language?

Knowing how to write brings its own set of benefits to those who want to read. Someone who has started to write a foreign language will find it much easier to comprehend when they are reading. Once you have learned how to form sentences by figuring out where words fit most naturally, reading will become much easier.

It’s easy to see how there is a close relationship between writing and reading. No one learning a new language can afford to think they can make do with one discipline as both reading and writing are inextricably linked. Writing is quite similar to speaking because both require the learner to create language.

As far as opportunities are concerned, you stand a chance to make the most out of them if you know how to both read and write in the foreign language of your choice. To demonstrate, we’ll explain how knowing a language like Spanish can be of immense benefit.

The Advantages Of Knowing Spanish

  1. Get up close and personal with Spanish culture

The Hispanic culture’s influence is growing stronger with every passing day and is expected to continue to grow in the future. Knowing the language will allow you to appreciate the great classic and modern Hispanic contributions better. From Gabriel Garcia Marquez to Miguel Cervantes, the contributions of Hispanic literature are monumental.

Getting a deeper understanding of Hispanic culture will also let you dive into the gastronomical delights like tacos, burritos, papusas, paella, tamales, and many other cuisines. Eating at a fast food joint near you is one thing; getting to know the authentic Hispanic cuisine is a whole new experience entirely.

On a slightly lighter note, pardon the pun, have you noticed how many Latin artists are having their music played on mainstream radio nowadays – the massive worldwide hit song “Despacito” being a prime example. Not only are the artists themselves from the Hispanic community but more and more, the songs are being sung partly in Spanish.

  1. Transform your travels

No, you don’t have to necessarily know the language to travel around a Spanish speaking country. But knowing Spanish will make your trips so much better! Read this article and see how it helped me on one of my journeys.

Incredible adventures await a traveler who knows Spanish because only by knowing the language will you be able to truly understand and explore the Hispanic culture and the local people.

Having a thorough knowledge of Spanish will let you make the transition from being an observant tourist to a participating traveler. Travels are always better when you make friends on the road.

  1. Improve your mental health

Yup, you read that right! Research has proven that the chances of developing mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and dementia are considerably less in people who know more than one language. Don’t ask me how that works but that’s what the experts say.

Studies also show that bilingualism has the capability to improve critical thinking, stimulate creativity, and enhance mental faculties in both young and old.

Besides, the sense of accomplishment that comes with progressively learning a new language is phenomenal. Still need more reasons to learn Spanish?

  1. Open up career opportunities

Spanish is increasingly becoming a business oriented language due to its popularity. In fact, Hispanic consumers comprise the fastest growing market segment in North America. Knowing how to read and write their language will enable you to better communicate with business owners, co-workers, and everyone else in between.Spanish new career

In the United States, knowing this language can be especially helpful if you’re involved in the education or healthcare industry since companies are increasingly employing Spanish speaking people. You can also set out to work as a teacher of English in any one of the Spanish-speaking countries or stay back home to teach Spanish to native English speakers.

The possibilities are truly endless!

  1. Spanish is freaking everywhere!

You need to learn Spanish; you just do. Only knowing English and Spanish will enable you to communicate with close to 30% of the world’s total population. Yeah, just let that sink in. So no matter what your first language may be, consider learning a language as popular as Spanish to reap its countless benefits around the world.

What’s the best way to learn a new language?

There are many ways to learn a foreign language. You may get the hang of it naturally by communicating with native speakers, take foreign language classes, or practice speech at home with the help of programs such as Pimsleur, Rocket Spanish, and many others.

But to truly learn the two core components of any language – speaking and writing – you can look into an online course like the one mentioned below that we chose for you. We also mention a book that has a great deal of valuable information to assist you with improving your writing skills in Spanish. All available through Amazon so you can buy with peace of mind.

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